• Chris Torres

    Chris Torres

    Improve your chess in just six seconds a day.

  • Corey H. Abramson

    Corey H. Abramson

    Digital Native, New Media Literacy Advocate, Information Based Society Participant, Blues and Soul Enthusiast, FLAC Hunter.

  • Jim Ausman

    Jim Ausman

    Busy raising two beautiful and brilliant daughters. #BlackLivesMatter

  • Ellen's Kimchi

    Ellen's Kimchi

    sustainable consumer, locavore, organic farming enthusiast, people connector, devotee of simple labor of love, climate change policy advocate

  • ed han

    ed han

    co-founder, http://t.co/JzKf1UZO7P & http://t.co/KU1XPMJYjD

  • mikefarrah


    Fmr.Senior Advisor to Gavin Newsom, Board of Directors for the Burning Man Project @bmanproject and Teacher Salary Project @teachersalary. Heart in SanFrancisco

  • Kristin Hansen

    Kristin Hansen

    Kristin Hansen is Executive Director of Civic Health Project, Director of Mismatch (an EdTech startup), and a lecturer in communications.

  • Alexis Ohanian

    Alexis Ohanian

    Son of an undocumented immigrant. Business Dad. Founder & investor. Working on something new πŸ‘€

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